JSB Football League Rules

Player/School compliance

  • All players will need to have formal identification and a picture attached (Birth certificate, I.D)
  • A team sheet will need to be presented to opposition coaching staff. Please use league team sheet and not a generic version.
  • If a player is not on the team sheet he may not play.
  • The school with no documents will forfeit the points, no documents no game.
  • Younger players may play in a higher age group but not on the same day. One match per day.
  • Older players may not play down an age.
  • Affiliation fee of R1000 per school an invoice will be sent shortly.


  • Home teams will be responsible to book carded referees for the 1st team games.
  • The league comprises of u14, u15, u16 and u19 A/B
  • A 1st team game cannot happen without a carded referee. If a referee doesn’t arrive at the venue then the away team has the option to referee the game.
  • Any dispute the game must be played but under protest. A report must then be sent to chairmen within 48 hours.
  • All other age groups coaches may referee but no school children.
  • Referee decision is final regardless if it’s a coach or carded referee.
  • Rolling subs is allowed with a maximum of 3 players per team. The ball must be dead before a substitution can occur.
  • Please make sure that home teams call your opposition team 3 days prior to your match.
  • You may not cancel within 3 days of match otherwise the team that cancels will forfeit points.
  • Matches are to be played before the end of the season, and teams may change date, time or venue so long as they notify and confirm with the opposing team within the 3 day period.
  • Duration of Matches: U14’s, U15’s u16’s will play 25 Minutes a half; u19A/B Boys will play 30 minutes a half.
  • Red carded players must receive a 1 match ban. Schools must please add all red carded players to team sheet that is sent to the chairmen after every game. Referee decision is final.

League Results:

  • Team sheets with results must be, emailed to smee@reddamjhb.co.za and hugh.thomson@reddam.house within 24 hours of the match taking place.
  • A forfeited game is 2-0
  • (3) pts win (1) pts draw   (0) pts loss
  • If teams are even on points it will go too head to head in round robin stages.
  • If head to head is even then goals difference will be implemented.
  • If goals difference is even then goals for will be implemented.
  • Top 2 teams of each age group will play the Quarter final.
  • The last two teams will be wild card teams. Wild card teams are the next two teams who have the best points tally across the three groups. If points are the same then goals difference will be implemented.
  • The semi-finals will be hosted by the schools that finished highest within their respective group.
  • The final will be hosted at Reddam House Bedfordview.
  • Semi and finals will be 30 min each way normal time. 5 min each way if extra time is needed and best of 5 penalties if needed.
  • We promote FAIR PLAY at all times.